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  • Mauri Torra

    Mauri Torra

    20 years defining and building digital products with people who use and create them in mind. Digital Product Manager. Madrid.

  • Helena Martínez Merino

    Helena Martínez Merino

    Product Manager @Packlink

  • Jay Hawkins

    Jay Hawkins

    Scrum Alliance Certified Product Manager of 7 years with a passion for delivering and helping others deliver great software products.

  • Elena Torró

    Elena Torró

    Multimedia Engineer & FullSnack Developer.

  • Teresa Lopez

    Teresa Lopez

    Product & Design lover! | Product Manager @Smart Protection

  • Isabel Garate

    Isabel Garate

    Product Manager at Ontruck

  • Álvar Montes

    Álvar Montes

    Father of two. Head of Engineering at OnTruck formerly at La Nevera Roja. Indie app developer | Apparcamos | iPlaya

  • Melissa Perri

    Melissa Perri

    CEO of Produx Labs and Product Institute. Product Management Consultant, Teacher, and Speaker. Blogging at melissaperri.com

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